Concern yourself more with future

To the editor:

Debate occurs here about topics like the origin of the universe, the age of the Earth, and how humans came into being. These are rhetorical statements much of the time and will find no consensus. As proclaimed in Scripture, these as well as other confusing views, served up by Satan, divide people.

Myself, I am a creationist. The fact that we are here and now is what counts to me. The present is important. We have some control over our world in order to make the best of it.

But of outmost value is the future. Where will you spend eternity? We all have undying souls that will be judged accordingly.

The naysayers to religious believers have pet names for them and mock how anyone can worship an invisible deity. Consider this; we see when lights come on after flicking a switch, we observe items falling to Earth. We have given these forces names. Few if any truly understand them and most don’t care. They only accept and are thankful for them.

When it comes to how brains work from the lowliest bug, the fish, the fowl and largest mammals, they have survival instincts yet lack reasoning. This special brain function is reserved for mankind, God’s most precious creation whom he has given dominion over the lessor creations.

Intellect and invisible human brain power causes emotions, thoughts, feelings between opposite sexes, love bond between mother and babe, curiosity, creativeness and even suspicion. Conversely, evil people use this invisible gift for ideas of deception, craftiness, harmful schemes, lying and other self serving thoughts or plans.

God instilled in man the gift of choice. Most choose to live good, honest lives. Many others let their greed for power and flesh as well as fame and fortune run rampant ruining whom they happen to.

Some blame God for destroying mass numbers of people as recorded in Old Testament events. These were God’s punishments to a sin-sick and perverted world, true. But, man’s sin and corruption was the root of it. Even after Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed, as well as Noah’s flood event nearly cleared the Earth of life, God preserved enough humanity and lessor creatures to provide a future.

Christ knows not the judgment day, as he said himself in the gospels; only the father. Christ will come as a thief in the night. Friend, do not tarry!

Keith Wanhaaho