Wondering about Kitwen

To the editor:

Thank you Mrs. Carolyn C. Peterson, for asking pertinent questions, regarding the possibilities related to the future of our County Jail. The questions offered by Mrs. Peterson need to be answered before any vote should be taken. We need to be informed, have input, and ask even more questions.

Evert time I’ve driven past Camp Kitwen, I hear myself saying “… What a waste of taxpayer dollars.” How many millions of dollars are wasted, tossed aside, ignored annually by our federal, state, and local governments? Who benefits from this waste/misuse of assets? Can the incarcerated be trained to be positively productive in society? Will this new/remodeled facility provide hopeful options for those who have been caught?

I have a few more questions in regard to Camp Kitwen. Why is there a “law” that says “… a new jail and District Court ..must be located in the city of Houghton?” Can this law be changed? Why can’t a new facility be located anywhere in Houghton County? Should this proposal pass, all of Houghton County will be paying taxes for the new/remodeled facility. Shouldn’t voters have some say in the facilities location?

Thank you again Mrs. Carolyn C. Peterson for asking some questions. More of us need to do the same.


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