Bible stands on its own

To the editor:

In response to the letter from David M. Keranen title: “Humans devised biblical fables,” first of all I find Julian Jaynes the Pope and The Daley Lama to be very interesting men, and it would be fun to sit down and have a long conversation with them.

When one has been on this planet for a while as I have been, it’s nothing new to see old ideas come and go like woman’s fashions. Most of these so called new ideas, like consciousness, meditation, religious yoga, bio feedback, new age spiritualism, etc. are just rebirth of old eastern religions, no more no less.

I even tried bio feedback. It was good for relaxing and stress release. The only part of my body I couldn’t get to relax was my butt and anus, maybe because I had 170 pounds sitting on it. Oh well.

Mocking the Bible as fables is not a new concept, either. I don’t even have to defend it. The Bible stands on its own. Heaven and earth and all those that mock it will pass away but God’s word, the Bible, will still be standing. What a wonderful awesome god is Jehovah God to give us this living life manual.

We must be careful not to worship the Bible as mentioned in another letter to the editor last month. It would be like many religions and ancient tribes and people that worshiped the “creation” — sun, moon, stars, animals, etc. — instead of the creator God, as many still do around the world today.

I believe many people are looking for the rebirth of their dead spirit and don’t even know it but are being deceived by Satan and many others into believing it’s by their power looking within themselves that will cause their spirit to be reborn. When it comes to spiritual matters, it doesn’t come from our strength or power because we are cursed with a sin nature.

There is good news: Make Jesus Christ lord of your life and the Holy Spirit will live in your heart then your spirit will be born again. Jesus said: “You must be born again even to see or enter the kingdom of God.” Do not marvel that Jesus said: “You must be born again”. Read it for yourself: John 3: 1-10.

Jack Sprietzer