Opinions must meet standards

To the editor:

Cal Thomas’ column on Tuesday, Feb. 19: “Premises, Premises: Trump Critics Start With The Wrong One” was the most inane, irresponsible, factually incorrect and obviously biased piece I have read in years.

His lack of acknowledgment of the massive evidence which proves without any doubt that Donald Trump conspired with Russia and other organizations to violate campaign laws, later to obstruct justice, and his admitted fake national emergency to promote his racist practices, was a blatant attempt to support Trump’s criminal activity for the purpose of spurring Trump’s dwindling base to protest any justice being served.

Not only was his article without any journalistic integrity, The Daily Mining Gazette is equally guilty of journalistic irresponsibility. It is acceptable to allow opposing views; in fact, it is necessary. Just as it would be wrong to allow a piece which claims without evidence that the world is flat or that 2+2=5, when Mr. Thomas claims that the Russia collusion charges are a construct, counter to all the evidence which proves that collusion is real, when you allow him to engage in statements which are on their surface false — such as referring to the 25th Amendment, a legal process, as a criminal “coup,” — you are as guilty as he is in promoting ignorance.

The Opinion Page must have standards, the authors must provide support for their claims, or the newspaper is no better than a supermarket tabloid. Shame on you.

Richard Buchko