Tax thoughts from longtime taxpayer

To the editor:

From age 12 until I retired, I paid plenty of property and income taxes without complaint, knowing they paid for vital services like police, fire, ambulance and schools, as well as some hospitals and nursing facilities. I paid other taxes like excise and fuel and vehicle license fees that funded roads. I paid Pittman/Robertson fees that supported conservation programs. And let’s not forget sales taxes.

I get upset when I hear people grouse about paying taxes period or that they feel they pay too much. Some gripe about our bad roads yet are horrified when an increased fuel tax is proposed.

I heard an elderly woman in her mid 80s whining that she doesn’t want socialism or socialized medicine. She had been on Medicare and Social Security for all of 20 years already.

I knew another man from Chicago: he spent nearly his entire life as a union bulldozer operator. He was single and earned huge paychecks. He felt overtaxed, but this is what happens to high earners with no dependents. He didn’t realize his work involved federal and state highway repairs and construction, which are tax-funded.

What does bother me are things like taxpayers getting stuck with funding sports arenas or enticements for business or industry to settle in to an area. Locally, in my property tax bill much of the millage goes to the local public library, which I don’t patronize due to the distance to it, and other reasons.

Federal and state tax revenues would be better spent on items like medical research, poverty, hunger, homelessness and lower health and drug costs.

President Trump for instance has an insane infatuation for his wall, which his own experts say will not deter much. He also insists on a manned mission to Mars within his first term, as well as some silly space force. These are an extreme waste of precious tax funds.

Speaking of Trump, he brags about reviving U.S. steel. His own Trump Tower in New York was built almost entirely with steel from China. Also, 40 percent of steel pipe being used in the Keystone Pipeline comes from Canada, whose steel firm majority shareholder is a Russian oligarch.

So tax the living daylights out of the wealthy. They have it. I doubt anyone here does.

Keith Wanhaaho