Dingell backed gun rights

To the editor:

After all the rhetoric eulogizing the late congressman John Dingell, I never read or heard one word of his staunch support for the Second Amendment and his long affiliation with the NRA in any article.

When John Dingell was first elected to Congress in the mid-1950s you could count on his vote to always support the Second Amendment. As a consequence many Republicans voted for him even though he was a Democrat.

Compared to nowadays, everything is stripped down to left-right issues: borders or no borders, gun rights or gun control, prolife or infanticide, civil rights discrimination, bilingual or English, pro-Israel or pro-Palestine, communism or democracy, socialism or capitalism, patriotism or antigovernment, secularism or religion, nationalism or internationalism, etc. …

With the majority congressional Democrats sitting like a bunch of vultures in a tree waiting to pounce on and kill the Second Amendment with their proposal No. 8 we will surely miss Democrat John Dingell in Congress.

Matt Kiilunen