Falsely accused by junk science

To the editor:

Our attorney general, in battling various fronts of corruption, gives a voice to the vulnerable. Ms. Nessel, facing the giants in the worst transparency-ranked state, is to be commended. However, she is not addressing the reckless and provably corrupt actors responsible for victimizing a significant and misunderstood downtrodden societal group: those falsely accused and wrongfully convicted of sexual abuse. There are two sides to every coin, albeit one potentially more tarnished.

Ms. Nessel, corrupt giants exist under your command who themselves command the extreme of special privileges. Past legislation gave power beyond reason, with courts’ approval. Destruction of defenseless families without the financial means to justice, are prejudicially entrapped.

The mental health profession is a powerhouse. It has the capability in all branches to aid in, and bring forth, convictions through junk science theories, beliefs, and fanciful testimonies. Many innocent remain incarcerated; many of those exonerated are still fighting for restitution.

Virginia Sen. Bill Stanley, recently broached junk science through a bill that would aid the wrongfully convicted. The Washington Post read “killed by the legislature” under the guise of (the bill) being “too expensive.” Is the brilliance of Virginia’s Thomas Jefferson, in “form(ing) a more perfect union, forgotten?” ‘Yes, Virginia,’ he was definitive in his famed Declaration of Independence statement, “that [all men] are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Junk science remains responsible for wrongful convictions, often enacted by mental health professions including child protective services. Utah’s Mr. Mower faced the giants, proving a social worker answerable to false allegations. His success was very expensive to the court, Mower, and his therapy-abused daughter.

Innocent parents and day care owners rarely succeed as did the biblical David. Jurists, none-the-wiser to psychological abuse render guilty verdicts. Wrongful convictions often originate through special privileges unique to mental health providers and DHS, aided by lax license boards. Bogus diagnoses of therapy-inflicted memories, ensuing medications, and junk science beliefs cost more than passing a bill favoring the innocent. Inalienable rights had no price tag.

Virginia’s decision and Michigan’s unchallenged mental health profession’s status prove Lord Acton correct “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” I challenge Ms. Nessel: Address psychologically induced junk science therapy, forced addictive medications, and mental harm. Non-accountability results in government dependency and suicides, notwithstanding wrongful convictions. The state pays.

Joan L. Roberts