Vaccination safety points

To the editor:

I have been a licensed pharmacist for nearly 30 years.

The points I wanted to make at my PLDL Vaccine Safety presentation were as follows:

1. Proper vaccine safety and effectiveness studies have not, and are not, being done. We can say this with certainty, because vaccines are not being compared to inert placebos prior to being licensed for use. We ought to be able to say: “This vaccine is effective this percent of the time, and these side effects occur in this percent of the people.” Instead we are told: “Vaccines are safe and effective and only minor side effects occur at the injection site.” Lack of inert placebo-controls allows this claim to be made.

2. The U.S. government, via NVICP, has paid out over $4 billion to Americans injured or killed by vaccines, because pharmaceutical companies and those administering vaccines cannot be sued.

3. Section 3024 of the 21st Century Cures Act removed our right to informed consent.

4. We may be participating in a clinical study without our knowledge or consent. I base this statement on a study called: “No association between influenza vaccination during pregnancy and adverse birth outcomes.” This was a retrospective study that looked at 145,869 babies born to women who received the flu shot while pregnant. No vaccine is licensed by the FDA for use in pregnant women. I don’t believe there was informed consent for this study, because I highly doubt they could have found over 100,000 pregnant women to volunteer their babies for a study to test a vaccine.

5. Over 100 legislative bills have been introduced throughout the country, recently, and the vast majority of these bills will take away our right to refuse a vaccine based on a philosophical or religious belief. We should have no mandates until inert placebo-controlled studies are done on all licensed vaccines.

6. Some employers are already mandating that employees get vaccinated in order to keep their jobs.

We must always retain our right to informed consent regarding what is injected into us or done to us by medical providers. And by informed consent I mean we are informed of the benefits, risks, and alternative treatments or interventions, and that we have a right to refuse. The Nuremberg trials exemplify what happens when we lose this right.

Stacey Brown