Cross is real Easter symbol

To the editor:

Many store aisles have been full of Easter decorations, baskets, eggs, and bunnies for the big day — FUN! CUTE!

The cross has been removed from many public places because many folks find it offensive. Yet — It is the cross that is the road real reason we have the Easter holiday. Many people don’t give a thought to this significance of Easter, and many children especially have not been taught of the connection.

The cross: the sacrifice death of Jesus is the most important act in history! And his triumphant, supernatural rising from the grave three days later offers us the salvation we have when we accept this sacrifice personally.

He gave himself to redeem us from our sins! (Where can you get a better deal?) Without it we have no hope whatsoever! We need to humble ourselves and repent, and accept him as lord — then fallow and obey him.

You may be an atheist, antagonist, consider yourself “a good person,” too intelligent, too self sufficient, annoyed or just “can’t be bothered” or “couldn’t care less” — the rejection is the same. The choice is yours! Today is the hour of decision! If you reject him and what he did on the cross for you, you are the loser in this life and in the next.

The prophetic stage is set for his return. Jesus is coming again — a second time — just as it was prophesied that he would come the first time a a baby. The lord will first rapture out of this world the believers alive and those that are already in the grave.

If you are left behind, you will be faced with a terrible seven-year tribulation period on earth before the final judgment. I can’t imagine anything sadder than realizing that it’s too late!

Having heard about the message of the cross and rejected it — and now it’s too late!

Alice Kinnunen