More than 1 way to be assaulted

To the editor:

A recent letter brought out the reality of false allegations, a topic that should be discussed publicly in a month designated for sexual assault awareness. Witch Hunt is a perfect educational documentary choice that would benefit criminal justice and psychology majors.

The public and our judicial system have a right, if not an educated obligation, to know that there are more than physical means to be sexually assaulted. Falling under Michigan’s law for mental harm is psychological abuse of the innocent and vulnerable, as experienced during the satanic panic era.

Witch Hunt’s wrongfully convicted parents explained well the process repeated around the nation. Their vulnerable and manipulated children were forced to endure hours of mental harm as CPS demanded admittance to supposed perverted acts, acts that never happened. Unfortunately the hunt persists.

The era brought forth beliefs and theories promoted today inclusive of multiple personality diagnoses (a defense for rapists) later changed to “dissociative identity disorder” and “body memories” (fallacy of body cells remembering pain, thereby enlisting PT).

Junk science prevails, unregulated by the state license board. Legislators owe their constituents amendments to laws that generated loopholes for abuse, fraud, and ensuing wrongful convictions.

Various professions; i.e., child protection, law enforcement, judges, and university professors, etc. promote junk science, contributing to false allegations and wrongful convictions. A lack of continued education supports unscientific theories and bogus diagnoses. Increased exonerations reveal the sordid truth of manipulation and forced pleas.

DHS disclaimed in Witch Hunt any wrongdoing throughout the satanic trials and the now-proven wrongful convictions. The mantra then, as now, was “always believe.”

In another falsely accused case an expert witness social worker (for the prosecution) advised that she “just believed.” To always believe in this context discounts belief of the accused, customarily violating due process.

Defense-style tactics of shielding evidence, as transpired in Kern County, destroys rather than protects families, families just like yours. Common patterns are coercion and isolation.

During this month of educating on the seriousness of true sexual assault, all need be aware of psychological control, an identifying factor in false beliefs, often resulting in suicides. The mental health profession in all fields enlists insurance and state funding. Their regulations and accountability should be equal to that of other medical professions.

A fox in the hen house foreshadows vulnerability abuse and false claims. Junk science detracts from real abuse. The state pays.

Joan L. Roberts

Watton, Michigan