Taxpayers should support township

To the editor:

I would like to first say that I am a resident of L’Anse Township and do support the zoning amendment wording for the May 7 referendum to have 29,000 acres of Weyerhaeuser’s forested property zoned as Forest Resource.

That’s what it comes down to. The Township Board had its lawyer put some fancy wording put on the ballot to confuse everyone, and it’s working. It doesn’t matter if it is zoned Forest Resource or Conservation Recreation. Either zoning allows for a large wind energy system by special use permit.

Look at the L’Anse Township zoning ordinance. Pretty confusing isn’t it? Want to know another confusing part of all of this? Why are so many residence listening to groups like Friends of the Huron Mountains, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community and Friends of the Land of the Keweenaw?

I have attended a few of the Planning Commission meetings and the Township Board meetings. I have never witnessed a more radical group than FOHM and its members.

I do remember vividly at the Township Board meeting on Sept. 12, 2018. One of FOHM’s members and one of the KBIC’s members stated your tax revenue can be resolved by raising everyone’s taxes by 15%. That’s the mentality of these people. How do you think that would fly with L’Anse village and township residents?

At another L’Anse Township Board meeting held on Oct. 10, 2018, one of FOHM members stated at the meeting and on social media to just boycott their businesses. And these groups are supposed to be in support of our community!

This is very disturbing to me as a taxpayer and resident of Baraga County. It’s very interesting that FOHM, KBIC and FOLK say they support their community yet boycott businesses that oppose their views.

So, I am a supporter of my community and am voting “yes” to the zoning ordinance change that adds Forest Resource. Just maybe we should boycott the businesses that support FOHM, KBIC and FOLK.

I’m sure we could find somewhere else to gamble, buy gas, cigarettes, building supplies, groceries or have a tree cut. Businesses are to support their communities, just as you expect the community to support you.

As you can tell this group has divided our community and have taken away private property rights.

You want the truth? Well there it is. Vote yes on May 7.

Louis Dudo

L’Anse Township