Bible written for all generations

To the editor:

To understand Scripture one must first of all be spiritually born again, and then the Holy Spirit can give you the key that unlocks the door to understanding.

In his letter to the editor titled: “Father, son are separate beings,” Robert Kohtala found the key to understanding the Trinity and why Jesus (the word) is one with God, the father as written in John 1:11, but he didn’t seem to unlock the door to understanding. The key is John 17:3.

Chapter 17 in the book of John is about Jesus pouring out his heart to the father in prayer. It’s an amazing prayer and was just before he was to fulfill his purpose for being here on earth to be crucified for our sins.

I agree with Mr. Kohtala that “The Bible explains itself.” “Cherry picking Scripture” is a good title for David M. Keranen’s letter.

How convenient to leave the “sin” part out of Leviticus 26: 28 and Isaiah 13: 9. After all, sin is the key to understanding God’s wrath.

A perfect God in a perfect kingdom will not tolerate any sin. That’s why I’m so glad we’re in a New Covenant of God’s grace and love no longer under the Old Covenant of law and God’s wrath.

Nobody could keep the law. It was impossible, and the penalties were harsh.

Mr. Keranen asked if the Bible comes from some deity or manmade. The Bible is God-breathed, written for all generations.

After 50 years of living the born-again lifestyle as prophesied in Ezekiel 36:26-27, I believe God’s word is the seed to living an abundant life on this planet, but as with all seed it has to be planted.

God’s word has to be planted in our heart to produce good fruit. It’s a matter of seed, time and then harvest, with the harvest being the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-26).

Mr. Keranen quoted Old Testament Scripture that was in part Jewish history — sin was rampant in those days and had to be dwelt with.

The sad thing is what he quoted is still in the news today: babies left in hot cars to die or sexually abused, parents killing and torturing their kids.

It’s a sad world we live in. Don’t let your kids watch cable news. They’ll wake up screaming.

Judgment day is coming soon.

Jack Sprietzer