Danger in voting on single issue

To the editor:

Recently, a woman from the Copper Country, who is a regular contributor; submitted trash talk which I found personally offensive. Her claim was that Democrats support abortion. I don’t know how she made this connection. I am a lifetime Democrat and not a fan of this procedure. Perhaps only in cases of the woman’s life, rape or incest.

Roe vs Wade was made law in 1973. Chief Justice Burger (a conservative) was at the helm, and Associate Justice Blackmun wrote the majority opinion. It past on a 7-2 margin. Here are the vote listings. Blackmun (a centrist) for, Marshall (a liberal) for, Burger (a conservative) for, Douglas (a liberal) for, Brennan (a centrist) for, Stewart (a centrist) for, Powell (a conservative) for, White (a conservative) against, and Rehnquist (a conservative) against.

So you see; this law passed with only two liberal justices, two conservative justices and three centrist justices. The nay votes came from two conservative justices.

Anyone who foolishly thinks Roe vs. Wade has opened the flood gates for abortion is gravely misinformed. The abortion rate has actually fallen steadily since this law.

Planned Parenthood spends most of its money, time and resources on things like adoption, pre- and post-natal care, education and family planning. Before legalized abortion, this act was still going on in a big way. It goes on into early history when women could drink various concoctions to cause miscarriages.

Even in my lifetime, I remember “back alley” abortions, where for $20 one could have a wire clothes hangar inserted. Many times this resulted in terrible infection for the woman or even death.

These type of disagreements could be avoided if people researched their topics. Oh yah, for the Trump lovers. He has convinced some, of his long held Christianity, and some believe he has ended abortion.

Look it up yourselves. When he impregnated his second wife, Marla Maples, he offered to pay for that abortion. Thank God she refused. Tiffany lives today; however, she is a Trump family outcast.

Some citizens are what I consider “single-item voters.” They will elect Lucifer himself, providing he says he will end abortion or is a card-carrying NRA member.

Keith M. Wanhaaho