Dillman’s promise not kept at Alberta

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 30, 1954, Michigan Tech president Grover Dillman accepted the gift of the town of Alberta, including its sawmill and 1,700 acres of forest land from the Ford Motor Company Fund.

At that time he said, “You may have confidence that the college will operate this property to the benefit of instruction and research in forestry and forest products, and to the benefit of industry.

“The Alberta townsite, the mill, and the lands comprising this gift will be known as the Ford Forestry Center of the Michigan College of Mining and Technology. In this way we are honored to be able to perpetuate the memory of Henry Ford, the man whose vision and faith in American Enterprise made this gift possible.”

Recently I walked through the community of Alberta. Paint was peeling from the exterior walls of the sawmill building. Windows were broken.

A door swung open on its hinges, inviting anyone to enter the building. An elevated catwalk drooped precariously.

Paint on the pump house building was peeling copiously. Other buildings exhibited similar signs of benign neglect.

I invite the current MTU president, Richard J. Koubek, to visit the site that proudly bears the Michigan Technological University name and logo to see how the university has lived up to that promise.

Read Burgan

Lake Linden