Friendly staff makes hospice

To the editor:

My family and I spent the past five and one-half months visiting a family member who was receiving hospice services for terminal cancer at the Houghton County Medical Care Facility (HCMCF). We really had no idea of what to expect, but discovered over the months our loved one was in their care, that their mission that each moment of a person’s life is precious is not just some tagline listed on their paperwork, but rather a philosophy practiced by all its staff members in caring for patients entrusted in their care.

The first thing I noticed was how friendly the staff were to us. They made us feel welcome from day one. They were helpful, considerate, and thoughtful. The longer we were there though I started to see and experience much deeper levels of care than consideration and thoughtfulness. Simply put, I saw love and reference for each and every person there. Every patient was treated with dignity, love, and respect. Patients were cared for day in and day out by highly trained, competent and compassionate CNAs, nurses, doctors, and administrative staff.

As a result, during that event when our beloved family member left to fly with the angels I had not just my own family with me, but an entire cadre of medical and support staff there treating him and us with the dignity and love stated in the mission that each moment in a person’s life is precious. Nothing is more precious than that last moment, that last breath, when you know there will never be another, and we were not alone.

Houghton County Medical Care Facility is a beacon of light in our community. We can all be proud to have such a well-run, compassionate care facility for our loved ones who need their services. We do not have to be afraid of the term “nursing home” because we have a facility that treats every moment in a person’s life as precious.

In loving memory of Michael P. Hatton.