Gravel makes M-26 unsafe

To the editor:

We need MDOT to address gravel that is washed on to M-26 after it rains hard. I just passed my second motorcycle accident on the east side of Esrey Park on M-26 since moving here. Neither was pretty.

There have been other accidents there also. The curve that is there is prone to getting gravel washed on to it after a rain.

I understand the curve at the devil’s washtub has the same issue.

If MDOT can post signs at Great Sand Bay to “watch for sand on the road”. Why can’t they post “watch for gravel on the road” signs at corners along M26 that suffer from frequent gravel washouts?

Or even a warning past Eagle Harbor before the first sharp hill curve with these washouts. Keweenaw County has many motorcycles and bicycles tourists that visit and may not be aware how dangerous the gravel on the paved roadway is and how frequent it can be on our roads.

Does it take a fatal accident on one of these gravel spots to get a warning sign posted?


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