Laughing makes everything feel better

To the editor:

When’s the last time you’ve heard a good hearty belly laugh? A genuine laugh right from the gut traveling all the way up to the top of the head? One that shakes the very core of one’s being? Not in quite a while, I’ll venture.

On TV it’s the programmed laughter of a claque responding on cue to a moldy joke told by the guest comedian, while a widespread viewer audience chortles along in a Pavlov’s dog manner. For college frat brothers, it’s yukking it up at a prank pulled off on some plebe, while for the frat sisters, it’s tittering over some guy they think is cute. You’ll not hear laughter from youthful zombies obliviously plodding down the street in their baggy pants with earbuds plugged in, listening to heaven knows what on their gizmos. Certainly no hearty laughter from any of these.

The genuine, honest laugh heard from a lumberjack after finishing a hard day in the bush is a refreshing exception. Out having a few brews with his buddies he laughs off the aches, pains and his personal troubles. Almost always on an even keel, the world for him is bright and clean with outside distraction playing a minor role in his life.

Which brings me to the leftist politician. I’ve got to wonder whether he’s ever enjoyed a genuine laugh–a lot of pontification is heard from him but no laughter. World problems simply overwhelm him.

What do you get when you watch those lefty guys and gals? What do you hear? At best a dry puff of air from the unlubricated, librarian-faceted Elizabeth Warren or a starched cackle from that dried-up old prune, Joe Biden. As for visuals, its mostly a nervous smirk on the visage of a left-wing guest about to be interviewed by his host on TV. Many come to mind. But no laughter whatsoever.

I’ve got some advice for you: Open your mouth, liberal, and go “Hahaha.” Practice this often before a mirror while simulating a toothy smile. Even though your message will undoubtedly remain flawed, you’ll at least make a lot of people feel better.

But don’t wait in vain until results of the next election are in.


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