Scavenger hunt a lot of fun

To the editor:

On Saturday, August 3, my family and I participated in the Friends of the Library Scavenger Hunt.  It was a fabulous event! 

I really can’t say enough about the event. 

It was well planned with easy check in and orientation.  The clues were interesting and well thought out, tying local community establishments and history to foreign places.  Those that developed the clues, clearly researched and invested time and energy into making the game fun. 

The variety of clues made the game great for participants of various ages.  As a family we found ourselves in new places and having to see and interact with the Houghton downtown in a different way. 

We also had to work together in order to participate.  We truly had such a good time.  I would encourage more people to try to this activity.  Not only does the participation fee go to support our local library, but it was a really wonderful family activity.  

Thank you to the Friends of the Library for hosting such a fun morning.  Thank you to all those businesses that donated toward the event.


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