Atheism vs. Belief

This letter originally ran on Sept. 3 including a number of errors in translation from handwritter paper to page.

To the editor:

Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud were atheists, influenced by the atheism of Ludwig Feuerbach.

Marx combined a distorted version of Hegel’s dialetic with Feuerbach’s atheistic materialism, the philosophy of Marxist-Leninist communism. Godless communists were responsible for 100 million deaths in the 20th Century.

Freud considered people who believed in God to be mentally ill. “Freud: The making of an illusion” has proof that Freud was a fraud.

Phychiatrist R.D. Laing, said that people began to believe in God when they experienced His presence. They still do.

As a military man, Col. Donald Hackworth had no reason to promote conscientious objector beliefs. He reported objectively what he saw in the Vietnam War.

A communist Vietnamese soldier fired an AK-47 submachine gun at very close range at an unarmed medic who was Seventh-day Adventist. Every bullet missed.

In “China Cry,” Chinese Christian Nora Lam talked about surviving execution by a firing squad. An angry communist her, “Why did the bullets come out of the guns… but none hit you?” Also, “What was the light that came down from the sky and blinded us so that we couldn’t see you?”

Lam answered, “Jesus is the light.”

She then described what happened next.

“Their senseless, furious, insane screaming went on for hours — old questions, new questions. But in the midst of them all, I had perfect peace.”


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