Don’t make assumptions

To the editor:

I have been a resident of Torch Lake Township for about 15 years and happily paying school taxes for decades. Did you know that only a relatively small number of Torch Lake Township taxpayers are in the Dollar Bay School District? I just learned that. My tax bills from Torch Lake Township have never said where my tax dollars go. I have never voted in Osceola Township. Why would I?

I was not aware that the bond election had to do with me until after the fact. So I attended the Dollar Bay School Board meeting on 8/19/19. I stood before the board, with microphone in hand, and asked them loudly and directly why every every bond eligible taxpayer was not notified individually by mail? I will be paying this tax far longer than I am likely to live. They all sat there in stony silence.

A few days later I discovered the report of the Superintendent, Christina Norland, dated 20 May 2019. I quote from this report; “We plan to produce an informational post card to share with residents to be mailed in July.”

I now quote from the Superintendent’s report dated 17 June 2019: “Printed materials are under way in design phase. A new question has emerged: should we send post card fliers out to all taxpayers or should we just share materials with those who request them and at the 4th of July festivities?”

The word, should, was emphasized in the report, so, obviously was pondered. Wouldn’t you like to know who was against informing individual taxpayers??? What did they decide not to do?? Correct!!! Not inform the taxpayers… shameful.

For the past many years in the National News, it’s been repeated over and over again that there needs to be “Justice” , “Fairness”, “Inclusion”, “American Values”, and fight against “Voter Suppression.”

Well my friends and students of the Dollar Bay School; You don’t have to look far. Let that be your lesson for today.

PS. Don’t assume you know how I would have voted if given a fair chance.


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