Thoughts on smart meters

To the editor:

“Total body radiation emitted from a smart meter is hundreds of times more than that of a cell phone. Radio frequency radiation is a toxic accumulant,” said nuclear physicist Daniel Hirsch.

There is no way of going back to the way you were before the exposure. These transmissions degrade your immune system. You can shut off or not use your cell phone or wi-fi but you cannot shut off your smart meter. As with all forms of radiation damage the effects may not become apparent for many years. Children’s brain’s and bodies absorb ten times as much radiation as that of an adult. See Parents For Safe Technology.

I went to presentations about smart meters in 2011 and have continued for eight years to support safe technology. The side effects of radio frequency radiation in such constant and high doses is alarming as people told their stories, showed photographs, videos, rashes, bloody tissues, etc. and sobbed. The electric companies have taken a rash and harsh stand against the homeowners. A resident must accept the meter the utility company supplies. There were court cases against the residents and the judgment always was for the utility company. Downstate DTE simply cuts the electric wires to the residence.

In 2013 we moved to a dream neighborhood: close to family, fab house, great neighbors with a walking path through wetlands. Trees and water are negative ions and are very healing. Within a few months we could not sleep. I became very sensitive to wi-fi and had multiple other problems. I reacted to the furnace going off spewing dirty electricity jerking my head involuntarily every few seconds for three weeks. My husband had very high blood pressure requiring a hospital visit where they gave him three oral medications in 24 hours and an intravenous to no avail.

We spent thousands of dollars on health problems and on filtering and mitigating the radiation.

We have a house on North Entry Road where we slept and functioned normally. In September of 2016 we went to our Washington Twp. home and gave away all our furniture and furnishings bringing what we could not part with. We now live full time in Chassell. We were thrilled that UPPCO offered us meter choice. We opted for a non digital meter, the electromechanical analog meter.


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