Human nature

To the editor:

It has been said that human nature can be best described as a battle between two wolves: a dark wolf (filled with hatred, fear, loathing, and selfishness and narrow-mindedness) and a light wolf (filled with compassion, courage, empathy and tolerance). The wolf that dominates is the one that gets fed the most. Pretty simple.

Upon observing the current state of our society, it is easy to see that the dark wolf is being fed a steady diet. It can be seen in the upper level of politics, some areas of the media, certainly the internet, in everyday conversations and daily business. Many people feel that, taken individually, small acts (feedings of the dark wolf) don’t amount to anything. Yet, the continual feeding results in a powerful, disruptive wolf.

It really seems that many Americans are concerned about exercising their “rights”. That’s in the constitution. Our rights! What the framers of the constitution forgot to put in or amend was a “Bill Of Responsibilities”. Exercising a right in an irresponsible manner is like feeding the dark wolf and is disrupting and corrosive to society.

Both our elected officials, and we as citizens need to chose the paths of compassion, courage, empathy and tolerance that will lead us to act with wisdom. All we need to do is feed the best wolf.