Michigan’s perfect candidate

To the editor:

John James from Detroit is running for Senator Peters seat in the United States Senate. Does anyone know anything Senator peters has done besides resist anything President Trump has tried to do? We are sick and tired of these Democrats. Michigan voters have another chance to vote them out.

John James is a 37-year-old African American combat veteran and CEO of an automotive logistics company in Detroit. He calls himself a compassionate conservative. He is a West Point graduate. That alone speaks volumes. He is a Iraq War helicopter pilot. He is a pro-life Christian. You won’t find a more perfect candidate for Michigan. This next election is probably the most important in your lifetime. The Democrats are not the Democrat Party you knew. Now, the Socialists have taken over. Don’t be fooled by their free stuff. If they ever win, you will pay dearly with your guns, taxes, and freedom. Life in this country will never be the same.

If you are not registered to vote, now is the time! Remember how important it is to vote these Democrats out.


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