Not a chance of a lifetime

To the editor:

Well, Hockeyville is over. It’s history, I waited in line like many others for my chance to get tickets. I didn’t win but that was OK, I knew my three grandkids would get to see it. As two play hockey and one in figure skating. They said anyone in hockey or figure skating were guaranteed seats. Whatever seats were left went into the lottery. So can anyone explain to me why my daughter and her kids got standing room only against the wall by the zamboni door with a bunch of adults in front of them next to the glass. Their view was the backside of the adults. Two were in tears and the other one just sat on the floor. You may have stuck them in the broom closet. Who ever gave them those seats or I should say standing spots must have had friends or family that wanted to see the game. I don’t see how anyone could be so cruel to these kids. A once in a lifetime opportunity gone. You ruined the whole Hockeyville for my daughter and her family as well as mine and the rest of my family.

The thing is, no matter what anyone does now, it won’t change the fact it’s over, done. Those kids waited for months to see the Wings and Blues play on their home ice. I’m so disgusted with the whole thing. I think I’ll take my Hockeyville merchandise, throw it in the wood stove and burn it. As of now, I’m done supporting the colosseum. I’ll still watch my grandkids play hockey and skate. But no more high school games, no more Wolverines games, nothing.