Another look at climate change

To the editor:

In response to a letter about climate change:

I am and have been a proponent of clean living and anti pollution forever.

The problem is much deeper than voting for some quack who aspires to clean the environment when China creates more pollution than the US and EU combined. This does not take into account India, who also has huge pollution problems.

Does the author and those type of people think that they can keep “our part of the world” clean while these two countries spew out more and more?

Let’s not be naive and follow the narrative of some talking heads in the mass media. Something real on a global basis needs to be done. The Paris Accord that the mass media brings up is nothing but a hollow statement. We need much more than that.

Trump had the fortitude to call it like it is, extremely flawed and basically useless. Hopefully the global community can take unified action as regional efforts are truly a band-aid on a gaping wound.


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