What’s wrong with Bergman?

Every time I have responded to an email that asks that I send it to my congressman, Jack Bergman has been quick to respond. But this response is nothing more than an acknowledgment. Recently, I sent a critical email about his position on Republican gerrymandering, voter suppression and being out of tune with what a majority of the public want. He has not responded. I remember when he ran for office he did not show up for even one candidate debate.

When is the congressman going to hold a town hall to discuss issues Ralph Nader talks about: opposition to crony capitalism or corporate welfare, criminal justice reform, cracking down on corporate crime against consumers, clean election, programs such as single payer Medicare, worker rights and privacy, break-up of the big New York banks that are too big to fail, a higher minimum wage, not being the world’s policeman, ridding the Defense budget of its enormous waste, a Wall Street wealth tax an speculation tax.

When will Jack show up for a town hall and discuss these issues?