Historical link to present day

To the editor:

A scientist will perform experiments or gather historical information, organize and analyze the results, and then form a hypothesis that seems to fit the data. Other scientists will perform the experiments or look at the historical data and may concur, or might possibly refute the hypothesis. At any rate, by this process, “science” is self-correcting. With enough support the hypothesis is elevated to the status of a theory. The theory has been well tested and is not to be equated to a hunch or a guess.

The world of journalism is somewhat similar. A journalist will gather information and then write an article. When published, it is out there for peer review. Other journalists looking at the same information may concur, or might possibly refute the article. When many articles converge then an element of truth is obtained. If there is an article that is not supported by other journalists, but is usually refuted by them, then the article must be seriously considered as having an agenda rather than seeking the truth.

The present situation in the United States is an example. You have essentially one major television network supporting our president and claiming he’s doing an outstanding job. Most other networks have a different view of his presidency. Many of his so-called “accomplishments” are retrograde in nature, causing more destruction of the planet in ways that are reprehensible.

He’s turning back the clock on climate change, green house gas emissions, protection of the environment, regulations on safety, regulations on oil drilling, and assigned foxes to guard the hen houses. He has been offensive in childish name-calling tweets, called some nations s— hole countries, offended our allies, praised some dictators, separated thousands of migrant children from their parents (contrary to ethical human decency), nastily attacked honorable public servants and military personnel, supported an alleged sexual predator in Alabama, illegally killed an Iranian general in another sovereign nation, illegally violates the Emolument Clause of the Constitution, illegally withheld aid to Ukraine, and kowtows to Putin so he can eventually build a tower in Moscow.

He has established a social and political climate that has emboldened neo-Nazis and other white supremacist hate groups to foment violence. Oh, and he gave a large tax break to the wealthy and corporations — welfare for the rich. He must be removed from office by impeachment or at the ballot box to make America sane again.


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