President should show respect

To the editor:

I wonder, is it too much to ask to have a leader of our great country who shows respect to his/her predecessor and that person’s accomplishments?  Is it too much to ask for the leader to have integrity, good moral character, and compassion?  Do we, as Americans, deserve a leader who unites us, who respects all of us, no matter what color, religion, or ethnicity we happen to be, or who we choose to love?  Is it too much to ask that our leader give credit to others when it is due, and accept responsibility when he/she makes a mistake?

Is it too much to ask for our leader, who has an important and powerful role, to read, study, listen, think, weigh the pros and cons of decisions?  Do we dare to demand that our leader understand the Constitution that he/she swears to uphold? Shall we expect our leader, if and when he/she leaves the office, to concede graciously, wishing the new leader well and promising to assist in transition?  

I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a leader like this, one we can be proud of and trust to look out for all Americans.  However, the present leader is not that person.  We deserve better.


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