Responding to the Kool-Aid

To the editor:

I’d like to respond to the Letter to the Editor from Jan. 18 titled, “You have a choice to make.”

The letter quotes, “If you are not watching Fox News you are not getting the truth.” Are you kidding me? Well I decided to watch some Fox News and they were not broadcasting the Senate impeachment hearing at that time, thus not letting any truth or evidence to be show to their viewers. It was instead Sean Hannity and other pundits going off the rails and hiding the truth by spouting lies, name calling and promoting conspiracy theories.

Studies by Media Matters etc. have shown that Fox News reports are non-factual about 60% of the time. Sen. Leader Mitch McConnell has organized a Stalinist-style sham trial and cover-up by not allowing votes on witnesses or documents yet. We the people deserve both.

The letter states that news reporters and the Democrats want to change the country into Venezuela and some Democrats publicly champion raising tax rates to 70-90%. Who are these Democrats? Tax rates were around 90% for high earners during Eisenhower’s time in office. He invested in the national highway system, which you probably use.

He also warned us of the military/industrial complex of which we have today. The rich and corporations just need to pay their share.

Where did the figures come from that show the Green New Deal will cause the loss of tens of millions of American jobs and destroy the airline and energy sector? Gary Cohn, Trump’s former head of the National Economic Council stated that there were 50,000 coals jobs and 350,000 solar jobs at one time. That is a 7:1 ratio disproving that renewable energy will cause the loss of tens of million of jobs. The Energy Future Initiative studies show about the same results.

Sorry to inform you there are no Socialists running. Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, a big difference. Be careful Fox News is infectious and kills brain cells.


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