Time to dump Trump

To the editor:

One should feel by now that Trump has done grave harm to this country. This is in spite of his touting that he has personally created the best economy in our nation’s history and is banking on this falsehood for his re-election. His bragging is of course another falsehood he spouts. Hunger is a big problem, millions of homeless or displaced people are in America, many of them are Veterans.

There are tens of millions of working people struggling with part-time jobs or low paying jobs with no benefits trying to make ends meet. Behind the scenes he is scheming to remove pre-existing health conditions from the A.C.A., and at that same time will lie to the public that he is the biggest defender of saving this benefit.

Now for the fourth year in a row he is talking about reducing SS, Disability and SSI payments and has already cut funding for the SNAP food assistance program. Regardless of your party choice we have all heard of his dirty campaign tricks, childish name calling, divisive tactics, cruel and inhumane treatment to people whom he considers “invaders, rapists, murderers etc.”.

His constant misinformation, lies and contradictions. His steady self-dealing, ultimate protection of his cronies, as well as unrelenting attacks on his perceived enemies. Sadly he has manipulated and confused a lot of people by promising things that appeal to them and yet are nearly undeliverable. He will have you believe that all forms of press and media are “fake” except for FOX; although he has been mad at them at times when they challenge him. He has severely weakened our ties with our allies as well as put our national security in jeopardy with his close allegiances to adversarial dictators.

He continues to abuse his powers by using the AG’s office to pursue political whims. This was further heightened by his GOP enablers given him a pass at the Senate impeachment trial. All of the above have made our Government the laughing stock of much of the world. Do we really want four more years of this hi-jinx?

Michigan is a closed primary election State, so on March 10th I urge a very good Democratic turnout and I plead with my Republican friends to vote for any of the other three GOP candidates that will be on the ballot, other than Trump. He must be voted out of office before he does further and perhaps irreparable harm to this country; as he most certainly will.