Is this the best time to reopen?

To the editor:

Should we open up the economy when the number of COVID-19 cases is still rising, and at a rate that is not yet slowing down? Check current CDC stats if you don’t believe me. Don’t just believe what Trump says on his daily dog-and-pony show on FOX.

Aren’t we really fighting a war against the virus? What would have happened in WWII if we had started to slow down our efforts to defeat the Nazis and Japan while their military successes against us were still on the increase?

I can sympathize with workers and small business owners who are losing income, but isn’t the Trump administration’s real purpose here to try to boost the economy for his own political gain?

The only thing his administration has accomplished with any success at all is boosting the economy, and that success has come at the cost of further increasing our national debt (something young people and their children will have to pay off).

And, when we reopen the economy, workers may face a tough choice – either go back to work and risk getting infected, or lose your job. Older workers are most susceptible to getting seriously ill or dying from coronavirus, so they are the ones most justified in delaying returning to work. But if they say no to their bosses and get fired for doing so, how fair to them would that be?


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