Thank you, LL-H teachers

To the editor:

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I want to thank the teachers and staff at Lake Linden-Hubbell Schools. During a challenging time, they have worked hard to help the students and families.

They made it very easy for students and families to pick up whatever students had left in their lockers – including wrapping a ceramic coffee mug. They have sent messages and emails to the students and parents. They have created videos of the graduating seniors and other students. They have provided lunches to students. Our family is one without access to good internet due to where we live. My daughters’ teachers and the superintendent contacted us to see what we needed for the girls to succeed. This was even more complex than the typical family because the older one is taking classes at Gogebic Community College, the CCISD, on-line and at the school. Each different “school group” has slightly different policies. My middle school daughter is taking wood-shop. Instead of the planned bookshelf, her shop assignments are to “make things”. She helped repair our dump truck and her teacher gave her credit for two assignments. Her science teacher had a Zoom class. After the excitement of 40 students trying to visit with each other at once, the teacher acknowledged everyone and did a short lecture. The English teacher has been great at recognizing when assignments are submitted and praising the students which has meant so much to my daughter. These are typical examples of the 13 classes my daughters are taking. The teachers are keeping in contact with the students. The Zoom meetings serve as a way for the students to learn, and probably more importantly, see each other.

Lake Linden-Hubbell, the care and support of students is greatly appreciated and has made a huge difference in the lives of my children.


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