Go figure

To the editor:

Recently, someone wrote to this paper and suggested that God may be using Donald Trump, (who by the way is the most morally bankrupt, and corrupt president in our history), to be somehow exposing the out of control corruption in Washington, D.C. This is very rich, as well as a hypocritical statement.

Only truly good people can show evil’s existence and take actions to correct wrongdoings. If this writer believes her own statement, perhaps she should also believe that God indeed created transgendered people as well as homosexuals. However; when this issue is brought up, her tune drastically changes, and argues that these types of people are a scourge on society and are hell-bound and more so blamed for everything amuck in our world. Some people are so stuck in a certain mindset that it is impossible for anyone to even suggest a slightly different perspective on any subject. I find this counterproductive as well as even fanning the ire of anyone that may think differently.

Some people are convinced that they alone have some holier than thou solution to whatever subject arises. This can lead to self-righteousness; although these types of people are so heavenly minded they are no earthly good and don’t realize this. Jesus Christ was the perfect one who sacrificed it all for the salvation of mankind. No one else has or will. I stated before that Jesus preached love, tolerance, understanding and forgiveness. God hates sin but loves the sinner. Christ disliked one thing; hypocrisy.

Better days are ahead. Keep the Faith.


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