Police presence and funding

To the editor:

We the Constitutional Party of Houghton County are against any defunding of any of our police departments. Our interactions with our local police departments have always been positive. Their professionalism, courtesy and attention to their duty is a reflection of the people in our communities. Our police officers have a very difficult job, often dealing with negative situations or people. Every day, when they put on their uniform and leave their families and homes, they realize that they might not return. That is the reality of their occupation. Let’s not forget the forgotten part of law enforcement also, our corrections professionals daily interact with criminals that have been incarcerated to keep the rest of our community safe and free of violence. To those who would defund law enforcement; I ask who would respond to your car accident? Who would you call if your house was broken in to? Who would you call if you saw a crime being committed? Defunding the police departments is not a solution. Defunding police departments is asking for chaos.


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