Driving local economics

To the editor:

Mea Culpa! I now see, looking at “michiganvotes.org” that Greg Markkanen has indeed submitted 33 bills in his first two years. I would have sworn that when I wrote my letter of Aug 26 in the Gazette there were none, for which error I apologize to Mr. Putala (SEPT 4) and to readers. I, a retired old guy, must have goofed navigating the complex web site.Thanks to Mr Putala (sept 4) for correcting me. I would not purposely mislead voters. I see of these 33 bills- 20 of which, dating back to Jan 19, 2019 have not had a vote and presumably languish in committee.

As I read the bills submitted by our honorable representative I admit I have trouble determining which ones promote business in the western UP. Perhaps it is the one whereby snowmobilers with a doctor’s excuse might avoid wearing helmets?, or the one which would allow veterinarians to “consult” clients on use of Marijuana or CBD oil for their animals?

As a former member of the Keweenaw Economic Development Alliance I am hopeful Janet Metsa will have more ideas to promote economic development in the western U.P. than not wearing snowmobile helmets or making marijuana and CBD oil available to our pets.


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