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Better days are already here

August 23, 2016 The annual cicadas have barely begun their end-of-summer evensong in the trees behind our house, but children in the neighborhood are already headed back to school. more »»

To ID or not to ID?

August 23, 2016 Every election cycle we must endure challenges and allegations about fraud (conservatives) and discrimination (liberals) when it comes to voter ID laws. This year is no different. more »»

‘New Nationalism’ is white identity politics

August 22, 2016 To listen to both his defenders and critics, Donald Trump represents the U.S. version of a new nationalism popping up around the world. I’m not so sure. more »»

Not the way to do minority outreach

August 22, 2016 In the nanosecond between Donald Trump’s foot-in-mouth moments this week, just before he made headlines by announcing changes in the topless blender that is his senior staff, he gave what many... more »»

A principal’s speech you’d like to hear given

August 20, 2016 OK, folks, let’s put aside the outrageous political scene and the depressing daily news about shootings, knifings and suicide bombings that have become so ubiquitous we don’t even raise eyebrows... more »»

Plenty of stupid to go around

August 20, 2016 First off, I’d like to apologize for setting liberals’ hair on fire the other day. I guess I just wanted to see what would happen. My bad. more »»

Will Trump take down congressional Republicans?

August 20, 2016 On Friday, Republican National Committee and Trump campaign staffers held what one described as an “emergency meeting” at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando. more »»

Donnie’s little lies are huuuuuge

August 19, 2016 An old saying asserts that falsehoods come in three escalating levels: “Lies, damn lies and statistics. more »»

New critics of Trump could rescue Hillary from defeat

August 19, 2016 A year ago, in August 2015, this column called “The Donald” the Democrats’ Trump card. more »»

Running mates are more qualified

August 18, 2016 We’ve heard nonstop criticism of both the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates — for good reasons. So are their running mates any better? Yes. more »»

One nation, divided by reality versions

August 17, 2016 "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free" –John 8:32 Or maybe not. more »»

Trump takes his recklessness too far

August 17, 2016 WASHINGTON–Firm supporters of Donald Trump will say his suggestion that "the Second Amendment people" could prevent a President Hillary Clinton from appointing a Supreme Court justice favoring gun... more »»

When Trump speaks, children listen

August 16, 2016 Earlier this summer, I was walking through the Miami airport with my 8-year-old grandson when I looked around and noticed I suddenly wasn’. more »»

Those ‘old, tired ideas’ key to economic prosperity

August 16, 2016 Reacting to Donald Trump’s speech Monday to the Detroit Economic Club, Hillary Clinton said her Republican opponent tried to “make his old, tired ideas sound new. more »»

Trump leaves GOP with no good options

August 15, 2016 Donald Trump has the GOP trapped in not one Catch-22, but two. Call it a Catch-44. The first Catch-22 has been the subject of widespread conversation over the last few weeks. more »»

Moral of Simone Biles story is families matter

August 15, 2016 We know that America is feeling like a cancer patient at the moment. more »»

Trump soliciting foreign campaign cash

August 13, 2016 “Without a border, we just don’t have a country,” Donald Trump says repeatedly. more »»

Give gift of life through organ, tissue donation

August 13, 2016 Just recently, my wife, Sandy, and I were again given the opportunity to volunteer for the Run for Life 5-10k walk/run. more »»

Olympics show nationalism not necessarily bad thing

August 13, 2016 Google “Donald Trump” and “nationalism” and you’ll get 1,090,000 results, the large percentage of which are, to judge from the top hits, negative. more »»

Rampaging debt collectors commit highway robbery

August 13, 2016 Some corporations engage in such abusive consumer rip-offs that they’re just plain evi. more »»



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