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Gore’s support not a game-changer

October 14, 2016 The Hillary Clinton campaign is deploying former Vice President Al Gore to rev up the youth vote, the Washington Post reported this week. Stop laughing. more »»

Distinct scent in air comes around every four years

October 14, 2016 It is all but impossible for you or for me to understand, let alone appreciate, how painfully public and publicly painful it must be for a losing major-party presidential nominee to bear the agony o... more »»

Candidates talk but don’t say much

October 13, 2016 Catch politicians in private moments and you might hear what they really believe: Donald Trump “can do anything” to women because he’s powerful. more »»

Trump’s words versus Clinton’s deeds

October 13, 2016 Donald Trump’s gutter talk about women shows yet again that he is bad news. The problem is that Hillary Clinton is far worse. Trump’s talk is indefensible. more »»

Followers loyal because Trump sees them

October 12, 2016 His name doesn’t even appear in the book. But make no mistake. “Hillbilly Elegy,” the new bestseller by J.D. Vance, is, in a very real sense, about Donald Trump. more »»

Sanders revolution still Berning

October 12, 2016 Revolutions R Us! From the big one in 1776 that created our nation to Bernie Sanders’ 2016 political uprising against America’s new plutocratic elites, democratic change comes when workaday people... more »»

Trump sees working-class chumps

October 11, 2016 Like so many working-class kids, I was raised not to judge others by what they did or didn’t own and never to bring dishonor to the people I come from. more »»

Democrats make Republican case for tax reform

October 11, 2016 What would you think of an individual or a company that earned a pre-tax profit of $29.9 million in one year, paid nothing in taxes and still received a $3. more »»

Oblivious Trump can’t avoid self-sabotage

October 10, 2016 “Jonah — We have come a long way together — and I like it! Thank you!” That right there is the full extent of my personal communications with Donald J. Trum. more »»

Almost half of new non-working class attended college

October 10, 2016 “He that will not work shall not eat (except by sickness he be disabled). For the labors of 30 or 40 honest and industrious men shall not be consumed to maintain 150 idle loiterers. more »»

Literacy coach could help compliance with pending law

October 8, 2016 For the past two years the Michigan Legislature has been working on a bill aimed to increase third-grade reading proficiency across the state. more »»

Prospective foster families get support to qualify

October 8, 2016 So, you want to be a foster parent. more »»

Why communities like Laurium struggle financially

October 8, 2016 Great places make for a strong economy, and the research supports that contention. By employing community-based placemaking strategies, we strengthen both our economic and social future. more »»

No free pass for other Republicans

October 8, 2016 The Hillary Clinton campaign is relentlessly focusing on the defects of Donald Trump rather than the defects of the Republican agenda. That’s understandable, and it could be a winning strategy. more »»

Grammar snob stands up for comma

October 7, 2016 ELON, North Carolina — My favorite bumper sticker I’ve never seen: Commas matter. more »»

Campaigns should be about voters, not candidates

October 7, 2016 One of the shrewdest American politicians I both know and like, a man who has actually managed Republican presidential campaigns, was openly discouraged after the first debate between Democrat... more »»

Academic Curtain descends on American campuses

October 6, 2016 Back in the days of the Cold War between the Communist bloc of nations and the Western democracies, the Communists maintained pervasive restrictions around Eastern Europe that were aptly called an... more »»

Why should we venerate leaders?

October 6, 2016 Asked on a TV show to name a foreign leader he admires, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gov. Gary Johnson choked. He couldn’t produce a name. He said he had “a brain freeze. more »»

Extremists in laboratories of democracy

October 5, 2016 In a 1932 dissenting opinion, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis noted that the benefit of America’s federal structure is that “a single courageous state may, if its citizens choose, serve as a... more »»

Homegrown violence reflected in presidential campaign

October 5, 2016 WASHINGTON — The epidemic of violence in the nation’s streets, including everything from anti-police protests to lone-wolf terrorism, offers voters in the presidential election a clear choice. more »»



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