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In end, lifelong racist repented, received forgiveness

February 26, 2016 David Boaz of the libertarian Cato Institute — which champions individual liberty, limited government, peace and free markets — has been outspoken in his criticism of 2016 Republican front-runner... more »»

Favored films expose government

February 25, 2016 According to, Jennifer Lawrence probably won’t win best actress at the Oscars Sunday. more »»

Why keep paying McConnell?

February 25, 2016 Antonin Scalia is gone. The nastiest and noisiest of right-wingers on the Supreme Court is dead. But he can’t be any more brain-dead than Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader of the U.S. Senat. more »»

Don’t-Want-To-Be United States

February 24, 2016 “Things fall apart. The centre cannot hold.” — William Butler Yeats And so this is the presidential campaign of 2016. If it were a movie, it would be pornography. more »»

Two presidents double team Trump’s candidacy

February 24, 2016 WASHINGTON — While the White House aspirants in both parties struggle to figure out what to do about Donald Trump, two living presidents, Republican George W. more »»

Millennials are basically us back when

February 23, 2016 What are millennials thinking? Every year, Beloit College offers a glimpse with its “mindset list,” which offers dozens of single-sentence declarations to reflect the current state of the familiar... more »»

Let people decide Antonin Scalia’s successor

February 23, 2016 Few people in modern history have fulfilled their oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution” more than the late Justice Antonin Scali. more »»

Next budget targets dual state crises

February 20, 2016 I’m writing to you today to announce the death of the Republican Party. It is no longer a living, vital, animate organization. It died in 2016. RIP. more »»

Which presidential candidate is most electable?

February 20, 2016 With the likelihood that the Supreme Court vacancy will not be filled this year, voters’ minds are going to turn to questions of electability, writes my Washington Examiner colleague David Drucker. more »»

Memory almost full: good ol’ days harder to recall

February 20, 2016 There’s a true story about a doctor who was asked in his retirement years to give a lecture to residents of an assisted living home about growing old. more »»

There will be blood in S. Carolina

February 19, 2016 CAMDEN, S.C. — Out on the hustings, people often ask me: “Can you explain South Carolina?” I just shake my head. It’s complicated, I say. more »»

Trump will make America great again — at torture

February 19, 2016 The undisputed frontrunner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, who, like every other remaining 2016 contender, never volunteered to serve in the nation’s military, has nevertheless... more »»

Robot cars safer than human drivers

February 18, 2016 The Tesla S is the closest thing to a totally driverless car available now. I had to leave my state to test-drive it. New York’s archaic laws forbid taking both hands off the wheel. more »»

‘Are you anti-abortion?’

February 17, 2016 “Are you anti-abortion?” That question, from a colleague, caught me by surprise. After all, she knows I’ve written a number of pro-choice columns. more »»

After New Hampshire, Clinton plays establishment card

February 17, 2016 WASHINGTON — Hillary Clinton, seeking to recover from her thrashing from Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, sought refuge in President Obama in Thursday night’s debate, as his heir to the Democratic... more »»

Gloria, Madeleine and we women

February 16, 2016 The last time I stood in front of Gloria Steinem, in the fall of 2012, she spent little time talking to me. Instead, she trained her laser-focus on the 24-year-old woman next to me. more »»

Doritos commercial hits too close to home for some

February 16, 2016 In a day when the most innocuous thing can quickly become political, a Doritos Super Bowl commercial has upset some people who want abortion to be an unrestricted right. more »»

Corporate bamboozlers intend to widen inequality

February 13, 2016 The basic problem facing the corporate and political powers that want you and me to swallow their Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is that they can’t make chicken salad out of chicken manure. more »»

Why Democrats must keep trying

February 13, 2016 Instead of “Yes we can,” many Democrats have adopted a new slogan this election year: “We shouldn’t even try.” We shouldn’t try for a single-payer health care system, they say. more »»

New Hampshire rebukes party establishments

February 13, 2016 New Hampshire voters issued a rebuke to conventional party leaders when they voted by large margins for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s primaries. more »»



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