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School systems need to change

December 23, 2011
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

Our school system has been under scrutiny for some time with regard to the failing results. Why has it not changed? Change will not come from within for the following reason: There are too many vested interests.

Education must refocus on not only making people smarter but also to get more productive. When a student leaves the education system, he or she must be prepared to get a job. This must be the the primary goal of our education system.

Our high schools test and retest the stu- dents to compete with the scores of other schools. They "teach to the MEAP," which is forced upon them by the State. The higher the MEAP score, the better they are doing. These standardized tests do nothing for achieving productive students after they leave the school system.

A student who graduates from high school and gets a job can become an in- stant, productive, tax-paying member of our society without the burden of school loans. Our schools must change to prepare this portion of the students. This can be done in trade schools. The protection of the resources by the public schools must end. This must be shared so all student have a chance to "make it" in life. Second year algebra is probably good for a college bound student but highly discourages a high school student who wants to graduate and get a job. This leads to another topic of how our current system fails.

Our education system requires that all teachers be "highly qualified." This term has been twisted around to mean highly educated. A trade school teacher has to know the trade inside and out but does not need a college degree to trump his or her qualifications. Teaching hands-on is exactly that and not from a book. Trade schools must have at least four hours for students instead of the two-hour slot currently utilized. Until we change the teacher requirements and time periods for our trade schools, nothing will change. The results will stay the same.

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