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Vicious cycle

October 27, 2012
The Daily Mining Gazette

To the editor:

There seems to be some misunderstanding of how economics work in America. Some people and some media want you to think that it's the rich who are not paying their fair share. "Those nasty oil companies and big cold-hearted businesses, we should tax them more!"

I did contracting for many years. Therefore, I put together many estimates. If you tally up the material, labor, permits, and taxes, that is the total billed to the customer. If the price for permits goes up or the taxes go up, I just put those prices in the contract and the customer paid it.

It's also true for all those nasty oil companies and big businesses - if we tax them higher, they just raise the price of the goods and we have to pay for it.

Has anyone seen the prices at the grocery store or other stores? Wow, they just keep going up. Has anyone also noticed that our companies have moved to China? Why? Our state and federal government tax them to death and to avoid that, they move offshore.

We are in a vicious cycle of taxing and driving companies away and cutting our own throats to get money out of the business which, in turn, raises the cost to ourselves which makes us short of money and puts us in want. How smart we are.

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On top of it all, we want to take other people's money by way of taxing ourselves and giving it to others who did not earn it. That also makes more of us think it isn't worth it. "Why should I work hard when the next guy next door has all I struggle to work for free?" One part of the solution is less government in business and our personal life.

Bill Manderfield, Candidate Houghton County Commission

Atlantic Mine



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