Excitement had at Adventure Mountain

Skip Schulz/For the Gazette MTU student Jordan Wolfe (left) won the Pro Open Stock while Nissula’s Travis Kaurala (right) won the Top Gun at Saturday’s Terra-X races at Adventure Mountain in Greenland.

GREENLAND — Fans and racers came out to see Terra-X racing at Adventure Mountain in Greenland on Saturday. They were treated by a lot of sunshine and snow and got to see snowmobilers go through a winding course up and down the former ski hill.

In the Pat’s Motorsports Pro Open Stock, Jordan Wolfe of Montreal, Wisconsin, thrilled the fans with an amazing move to go on to win the class.

“I got beat on the hole shot, so I held back to cut on the inside of Travis (Kaurala) on the first turn,” Wolfe said.

The move worked out so good that other racers in the two-sled class championship shoot-out tried it if they could not get the lead when the flagged dropped. Wolfe was the only one that got into the lead with that move.

Kaurala would come back to win the Top Gun feature over Wolfe.

While Top Gun and Pro Open Stock were the “featured” classes, the excitement started in the qualifying time trials. The Top 3 racers in the children’s 120 classes advanced to the finals. The Top 2 racers in the Trail Stock, and Junior classes also advanced.

In the 120 Stock class, six children tried to advance to the finals.

A first-time competitor was prevented from advancing to the finals by just .01 of a second as Ontonagon’s Klayton Kin squeezed past Wisconsin native Camden Carothers with a time of 56.60 in his second run.

“The officials and timers kept going over the time to see if it really happened. One one hundredth of a second is amazing, then to think Camden (Carothers) never did Terra-X before, while Klayton has been a previous Terra-X winner,” said Jeremy Schmidt, MASTERS official.

In the Merritt’s Travel Center 120 Stock Final, Kin led throughout the race until the final turn to the finish line. During that final turn, Braden Rose of Harvey got by Kin to win the class championship shoot-out.

Bessemer’s Nolan Boggetto and the 120 Mod racers and families decided after the practice runs to have the children run the entire hill. The 120 Stock racers ran half the hill. Boggetto turned in a time of 1:01 in qualifying.

“Think of that time! My gosh, the Trail Stock’s fastest time was 46 seconds. Nolan’s time on a 120 was only 15 seconds slower. That is amazing,” said Wayne Soderbeck, MASTERS flag-man.

Boggetto would go on to win in the finals.

The fastest time of the day was set by Wolfe. Wolfe ran a 45.35-second run in the first round qualifying of the Pro Open Stock class.

Wolfe and Greenland’s Wyatt McIntyre were the only double winners. Wolfe won Pro Open Stock and Trail Stock 600. McIntyre took the Pit Stop Trail Stock 850 and the SONCO Ambulance Trail Mod 600 class.

Trimountain’s Roger Strack, who will be representing the MASTERS and the Midwestern States at this coming weekend’s World Championship Snowmobile Hillclimb in Jackson, Wyoming, won the Pit Stop Trail Mod 850 class. Strack defeated Toivola’s Josh Bramble.

Bramble advanced to three class championship shoot-outs.

The MASTERS will conclude the Ojibwa Casino Snowmobile Race Series with a Terra-X race at Mont du Lac, outside of Duluth/Superior on April 6.

MASTERS Mountain Lions Adventure Mountain Results

Pat’s Motorsports TOP GUN: 1) Travis Kaurala, Nissula, Ski-Doo; 2) Jordan Wolfe, Montreal, WI., Polaris.

Pat’s Motorsports Pro Open Stock: 1) Jordan Wolfe, Montreal, WI., Polaris; 2) Travis Kaural, Nissula, Ski-Doo.

Merritt’s Travel Center 120 Mod: 1) Nolan Boggetto, Bessemer, Polaris; 2) Braden Rose, Harvey, Polaris; 3) Lucas Solberg, Ontonagon, Polaris.

Merritt’s Travel Center 120 Stock: 1) Braden Rose, Harvey, Ski-Doo; 2) Klayton Kin, Greenland, Arctic Cat; 3) Lucas Solberg, Ontonagon, Polaris.

Ojibwa Casino Junior: 1) Kaeden Kaurala, Nissula, Ski-Doo; 2) Jordan Leonards, Gladstone, Arctic Cat.

SONCO Ambulance Trail Stock 600: 1) Jordan Wolfe, Montreal, WI., Polaris; 2) Josh Bramble, Toivola, Ski-Doo.

Pit Stop Bar and Grill Trail Stock 850: 1) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, Polaris; 2) Josh Bramble, Toivola, Ski-Doo.

SONCO Ambulance Trail Mod 600: 1) Wyatt McIntyre, Greenland, Polaris; 2) Kaeden Kaurala, Nissula, Ski-Doo.

Pit Stop Bar and Grill Trail Mod 850: 1) Roger Strack, Trimountain, Arctic Cat; 2) Josh Bramble, Toivola, Ski-Doo.