Kidnapping conviction stands

DETROIT (AP) — An appeals court has affirmed the conviction and long prison sentence of a Wisconsin woman who lived under an alias for 16 years while trying to dodge a kidnapping case in Michigan.
Kim Johns was accused of kidnapping her former lover at gunpoint in 2000 and taking her on an eight-day journey to Illinois and Iowa. Prosecutors said she was upset because the 19-year-old Detroit-area college student was ending their relationship.
Johns was captured in 2016 and convicted the next year in Detroit federal court.
Appeals Court Judge Alice Batchelder calls it a “salacious tale of star-crossed lovers.” But she says the issues on appeal are “dry, technical and straightforward.”
In a 3-0 decision Wednesday, the court affirmed key trial rulings by Judge George Caram Steeh. Johns of Marathon County, Wisconsin, is serving a 14-year prison sentence.