Snow cancels World Cup skeleton races in Germany

A promotion doll covered with ice and snow hangs between trees near a climbing park at the Wasserkuppe, Germany, Friday, Jan 11, 2019. (Uwe Zucchi/dpa via AP)

KOENIGSSEE, Germany (AP) — Heavy snow forced the cancellation of Friday’s scheduled men’s and women’s World Cup skeleton races in Germany.
There was no immediate decision on when or how to reschedule the races.
Snow has been falling in Koenigssee for several days, and also had an adverse effect on World Cup luge races there last weekend. They were measuring snow in meters — not inches or even feet — at the track this week. Parts of Germany have been experiencing avalanches and massive traffic problems.
World Cup bobsled races scheduled for Saturday and Sunday in Koenigssee remain on as scheduled. However, race officials were continually monitoring conditions. More snow is in the weekend forecast, with another 4 to 8 inches expected.