Performances in the Park presents Tapestry Band

Photo courtesy of Tapestry Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin acoustic band, Tapestry, will perform at Copper Harbor’s Performances in Park this Thursday, and promise a refreshing combination of traditional and vintage music for all tastes. The concert is scheduled for 7 p.m.

COPPER HARBOR — Continuing the summer Performances in the Park series, presented by the Copper Harbor Improvement Association, the Tapestry Band will perform starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July 18.

Tapestry is a collective group of five musicians who form a traditional, but unique, acoustic sound, and in any given performance, will play and sing music from the 1920s through traditional and current music.

The group is composed of Tom Cook, who has a master’s degree in music education, and is a 35-year veteran of teaching instrumental music in the public school system, along with his wife, Mary Pat, who also has a master’s degree in music. Roger Rumppe, another member, is a chemist, and musicians and vocalists Gail Ladish and Jan Niebler, who is the newest member of the group.

Copper Harbor residents Kathy and Jeff Ihde, coordinators of the Performances in Park, said they have known a number of the band members for year.

“Tom Cook is a retired band teacher from the Ft. Atkinson High School,” said Kathy . “We met Tom and his wife, Mary Pat, who is a retired elementary school music teacher, in the spring of 1996, when we were looking at a community theater show.”

Roger Rumppe is the current chemistry teacher at the Ft. Atkinson High School, said Kathy, and she and Jeff have known him almost as long as they have known the Cooks.

“They were the first group we approached when we were given the task of organizing Performances in the Park,” Idhe said, “when we were in Ft. Atkinson in february at a musical event.”

Mary Pat Cook told the Ihdes, when they were in Ft. Atkinson in early June, that between the five Tapestry members, they do five-part harmony, and play a total of 37 instruments.

“We don’t know what they are going to do,” Kathy said. “They are going to surprise us when they get here with their instruments.”

Among their many genres, she said, they will play some bluegrass, as well as folk music.

“We’re looking forward to families congregating in our community park,” said Kathy, “watching some great entertainment and enjoying a picnic at one of the pavilion tables, or on their own blankets and lawn chairs.”

The event is free and open to anyone, and in the event of rain, will be conducted in the Copper Harbor Community Center.