International outrage misplaced

Letters to the Editor

Is anyone else sick of pro-Hamas propaganda and rhetoric being spouted forth in anti-Israeli demonstrations across our country and around the world? I sure hope you are! In the wake of the hideous 10/7 massacre of innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas terrorists, multitudes of people around ...

The Media Research Center is disinformationist

Letters to the Editor

Tim Graham and Brent Bozell who are funded by the elite like the Mercers, corporations and other individuals who want to deceive the average voters who are not aware of the background and motives of this disinformationist organization, that lives off of the money they are funded, will say ...

Many dangers to diseased nails


The human body is prone to all manner of maladies and morbidities. From a stubbed toe all the way to a heart attack, medical care is required for a plethora of conditions, illnesses, and injuries, resulting in a list of ailments that is (unfortunately) nearly endless. Most of the medical ...

Can the Keweenaw Peninsula be like a Chinese restaurant?


Recently, my wife, Penny and I attended a very interesting discussion and exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum. The focus; the Motor City’s former Chinatown neighborhoods. The discussion portion of the afternoon featured Curtis Chin, author of “Everything Learned, I Learned in a ...

Giving thanks to outdoor companions and opportunities


With the spirit of thanksgiving blowing across the landscape this week, pushed by a cold Canadian wind, I was reminded recently of something I have been truly thankful for over many years, though it’s not something I think about in detail too often. My recollections began when talking with ...

Timothy O’Shea, like the Hecla Mine, was growing old


When Timothy O’Shea went to work for Edwin Hulbert at the Calumet Mine, on January 1, 1866, work at the Hecla mine, immediately to the south, had not started yet. But the Hecla paid its first dividend on December 15, 1869, nearly eight months before the Calumet mine paid its first dividend. ...