Improper shoes cause many problems


Foot pain is a funny thing, although those so afflicted aren’t laughing. It’s hard to rest your foot while going about your normal routine. Pain from this appendage can appear in many forms, cloaked in all manner of strange sensations. Many are confused about what constitutes pain, assuming ...

An introduction to ChatGPT: Will it change the world?


Editor’s note: This column is the first in a series about artificial intelligence, ChatGPT and medicine. Several weeks ago I received an urgent call from my son Danny who is a Computer Science student. “Daddy, the world is about to change drastically,” he said, “it could be a ...

The White Pine Mine gets a second chance


When Calumet and Hecla Mining Company President Alexander Agassiz selected James MacNaughton to superintend the mining properties in Houghton County, his intention was to employ college-trained men who embraced modern methods to make the Michigan holdings a modern enterprise. MacNaughton’s ...

Over 60: Answering an age-old question about Yoopers


During World War II, we needed something to hold us together. Folk singer Paul Robson came to the rescue with the perfect choral work, “What is an American?” and left us with the most patriotic explanation that still is heard today – a well needed explanation that we should very much sing ...

Pepin: Recognizing the kind of day that calls for silent waiting


“Oh baby, I am drained of color, I can’t go anywhere. Your love left me in another gray area.” – Graham Parker There’s a sadness in the wind today as it blows across this river valley. The snow stirs up in swirls and spins around before dropping back to the ground. If I look ...

Fiber art exhibit elicits ‘wow’ reaction

Arts and Entertainment

The Finlandia Gallery is open again, and the first show of 2023 is “Word Count,” by Bonnie Peterson who has made her home in Houghton since 2009. Back in the 1990s, people had about the same appetite for talking about Breast Cancer as we did for talking about Global Warming, ...