Column: Poor initial planning led to costly mistakes


When Charles Lawton replaced John Harris as the Quincy Mining Company’s superintendent in December 1905, he had already managed several managed several mines and had brought with him years of experience. A graduate of the Michigan College of Mines, Lawton was thoroughly educated and ...

Column: Shut the lights out. I don’t need them.


“Hello darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.” – Paul Simon To look at the scene here now, there’s a quiet, almost pastel Impressionist feeling to everything. About the only thing that could make the setting softer would be a gentle rain, sifting down from the ...

Parade season etiquette

Letters to the Editor

Parade season is upon us and I’d like to ask our community to behave with respect for those in the parades and for those around them. In the past few years, some parade watchers have decided it’s okay to shout foul language at groups marching in the parade. You don’t have to like ...

Column: Being grateful to God for gift of grace


We often talk about Grace, but how many know what grace is? Grace is a gift, an undeserved gift from God. God loves us unconditionally and regardless if we are a believer or not. Grace is a present to us, no strings attached. Grace prompts us to do good. It gives us the energy to send a meal to ...

Column: Optimism came hard to the Copper Country in WWI


By summer 1914, developments and advancements in steam, milling and mining technologies had combined to put the Lake Superior copper mines to break all previous production records. At the shafts, the majority of the old second-motion friction-gear hoists had been replaced by much larger, more ...

Op-ed: The importance of supporting our local news media


Last week, the National Civic League sponsored an online workshop “Cities Fortifying Democracy,” the basic message of which was that, like charity, democracy begins at home. And one of the key points was the importance of local journalism. As Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel say in The ...