Economic study vs. mineral rights

Letters to the Editor

The Gazette’s issue of April 18 has an interesting juxtaposition of articles: selling mineral rights of our/my public lands and the study of the economic value of tourism. Do the “powers-that-be” get it? Dah! The economic article mentions as benefits: downhill skiing, dark skies, ...

Do your part to be active this spring


Nearly a quarter of Michiganders are not physically active during their leisure time. This is very concerning as low levels of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle increase the risk for many health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and depression as well as pre-mature ...

Wake up to plastics for Earth Day

Letters to the Editor

Planet vs. Plastics is the theme for Earth Day 2024. It’s a challenging effort to educate the human race on the detrimental health risks that plastic is having on all forms of life around the world and to every delicate ecosystem, especially the planet’s oceans. Those of us living in this ...

The Golden Calf

Letters to the Editor

I recently watched “The Ten Commandments” (Charlton Heston was hugely influential to my 8-year-old self) and was reminded of the scene when Moses comes down from Mt. Sinai with the stone tablets. The former slaves, impatient, had fashioned and worshiped a golden calf. God says to Moses, ...

Column: Live in Christianity for all the right reasons


Our current culture is in flux. We are leaving the old ways and trying new ones. The entire world of communication has reworked relationships in many instances. I wonder as I look out on the global culture growing and demanding our recognition. One of the many reported changes I have read ...

Food, glorious food!

Letters to the Editor

I am continually amazed by the generosity of the Copper Country community, not just by the people, but also by businesses and organizations. In the past couple weeks, this generosity has shown itself yet again. Here’s the story. I volunteer with the emergency pantry at The Salvation Army ...