Thank you DMG

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: I am writing in support of a free press. The Copper Country needs the Daily Mining Gazette more now than in the 88 years I’ve been alive. It appears we are entering an era when Democracy and freedom of the press are in danger. As such, last week we renewed our Gazette ...

Copper Country remembers longtime sheriff


Given that he was the longest-serving sheriff in Michigan at the time of his death, it is hard to find someone in the Copper Country whose life was not touched by Houghton County Sheriff Brian “Slim” McLean. First elected to office in 1996, he served the community well over the years. As ...

The Big Lie

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: I want to add my two cents worth to last Saturday’s letters responding to Erik Kiilunen’s earlier letter addressed to State Sen. Ed McBroom. Kiilunen called for an “independent third party” audit and tokened voting irregularities to a slow spreading cancer. In fact, ...

Incompetence reigns at unemployment agency


The state’s response to COVID-19 has lifted the veil of incompetence on numerous government offices, but none so much as the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency. The jobless claims spike following the pandemic overwhelmed the office. It never caught up with demand and Michigan residents ...

Those were the days


July is a good month to settle back, enjoy the holidays, visit with relatives and friends who come up to share our U.P. natural treasures with us and get away from the city noises - at least, that’s the way it used to be. Today, the noises especially, have crept into our daily lives and we ...

Ease travel ban with Canada


The COVID wall that has blocked travel between the United States and Canada for 16 months should come down. As post-pandemic life resumes most of its normal activity, foreign travel should be restored as well. America’s northern border remains closed to tourist traffic. If the travel ban ...