When money gets tight


I recently had an “emergency meeting” scheduled at one of the online universities I work for. This took place on April 1st, that had me suspicious and on one hand I thought, “how fun, a place of employment that likes to joke and have fun”, and on the other hand, “oh crap we are ...

Column: Children deserve to learn love, respect


Been watching television and listening to the news, and yes, it gets depressing. The item that caught my attention was the mother and father of the Michigan school shooter both will spend between 10 to 15 years in prison, for buying the gun that the student used to kill fellow students in his ...

Signing off from Walmart

Letters to the Editor

Having obtained the milestone age of “not as young as I used to be,” I find myself looking with eager anticipatory eye toward the most desirable goal of home and hearth, and hence will be retiring after 30-plus years from my employment at our local Walmart after April 29. I’d like to ...

Ahmeek manufacturer aims to be good neighbors


My name is Matt Kero. I’m the Director of Engineering & Manufacturing at Neuvokas, a local company, otherwise known by the product that we make…GatorBar. We manufacture GatorBar within a revitalized and repurposed industrial building, what used to be the machine shop for the Number 6 ...

Economic study vs. mineral rights

Letters to the Editor

The Gazette’s issue of April 18 has an interesting juxtaposition of articles: selling mineral rights of our/my public lands and the study of the economic value of tourism. Do the “powers-that-be” get it? Dah! The economic article mentions as benefits: downhill skiing, dark skies, ...

Do your part to be active this spring


Nearly a quarter of Michiganders are not physically active during their leisure time. This is very concerning as low levels of physical activity and a sedentary lifestyle increase the risk for many health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and depression as well as pre-mature ...