Learning from the Human Knot exercise

Letters to the Editor

I chatted recently with a woman who serves as both the soccer coach and the Girl Scout leader for her 11-year-old daughter. She told me of a group exercise that is popular today called “the Human Knot,” that involves randomly joining hands and then, without letting go of each other, talk ...

Tobacco causes Buerger’s disease


A 48 year old woman presented to her podiatrist with complaints of some numb toes. Her left 4th and the 5th toes were painful and discolored, even tending towards black. This individual did not have diabetes or hypertension, and she didn’t smoke (although her husband and son were smokers). ...

How the story ends


In my last article, I wrote: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live. We tell ourselves stories in order to identify cause-and-effect, to find patterns, and to draw conclusions from our success and failure. A story is a survival mechanism wrapped in words.” I also discussed the tendency ...

Local newspapers must tell both sides

Letters to the Editor

There was no mention of the former president indicted in multiple criminal trials, including alleged violations of the Espionage Act, but two attacks on our sitting president (Opinion page, July 14), who is old but not senile and has managed to avoid a recession and curb inflation post-pandemic ...

Calumet Kids Fishing Derby a success

Letters to the Editor

Our 18th Annual Calumet Kids Fishing Derby on July 15 at the Swedetown Pond was a fun time had by all. Two hundred two kids enjoyed catching hundreds of fish with a free hot dog lunch when the fishing ended. Prizes were awarded to the largest bluegill, perch, bullhead and the smallest ...

Trail reminders

Letters to the Editor

The Keweenaw ATV Club would like to remind everyone that the Lake Linden Trail is still closed! It will remain closed until all the repairs are completed. Also remember that the Bete Grise preserve is a NONmotorized preserve. Please stay out of it. We are also getting complaints from Rice Lake ...