A rabbit’s tale


I saw my target. It was a small rabbit, hiding behind some dead plants. I am not sure if it is a he, or she (how can you tell from a distance, or for that matter, close up?). It seemed engrossed in nibbling on a plant in front of him/her? I guess it was breakfast time and in the life of ...

Society’s downfall?

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: Have you been looking at the world lately in astonishment? Can you really believe the downfall of society that we are seeing on the news everyday? Everything has changed. Things are not “normal” anymore. Here’s the thing, God created human beings so that He could ...

The power and danger of complaining


Do you know someone who you greet each Monday with “Good morning, how are you?” Does their answer generally focus on an incident that happened to them over the weekend, a bruise or ache they have, or even a phrase beginning with “did you hear what happened to…..?” Many of you could ...

Warrantless searches on Greyhound buses is just wrong


Greyhound Lines Inc. is having to dig into its pockets, courtesy of a federal court consent decree, to make a problem of its own making go away. The Associated Press reported that the venerable company has agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle a lawsuit over the bus line’s practice of ...

Pandemic of the unvaccinated


More than 18 months have passed since COVID-19 first reached American soil, and for me, it’s hard to imagine life before the pandemic. COVID forced me to spend my senior year of college in front of a computer screen rather than in a classroom, and prevented me from visiting my 94-year-old ...

Kermit’s golf thanks

Letters to the Editor

To the editor: On behalf of the Kermit’s Keweenaw Kids Youth Program, we would like to sincerely thank each and every one of our sponsors and golfers who contributed to the 2021 Kermit’s Kids Golf Outing. The event took place at Sandy Pebbles in Ahmeek on July 24. All proceeds will ...