Column: Combating loneliness strengthens community


One of the things I do as a Chaplain is call the people new to Hospice. It is my charge to see if the new patients would like to have a visit from the Chaplain or be connected to their pastor, rabbi, or minister of their own Faith Community. The phone calls can be short. Most people have their ...

Deconstruction versus landfilling

Letters to the Editor

In his Jan. 9 letter in the Daily Mining Gazette, “Disappointed by demolition,” Allan Baker makes a good point: where possible, we should strive to repurpose rather than landfill materials from demolition projects. This basic approach is called “deconstruction,” which the Michigan ...

Help yourself

Letters to the Editor

One of my favorite holiday parties in 2023 was the Little Brothers, Friends of the Elderly gathering at St. Ignatius Church on Christmas Day. My spirits were buoyed by the people, servers and guests, who chose to leave their homes in order to share a meal. We who have only lived here for 50 ...

Thank you to Portage Health Auxiliary

Letters to the Editor

I just wanted to take time to give a big Thank You! to the Portage Health Auxiliary for a grant I was awarded. I work in the Adams Township School District as a social work intern. When my master’s degree is completed, I will be a full-time mental health provider for students in our district. ...

Feelings on freshly fallen snow


Any true Yooper knows the delight of fresh snow. The whiteness to it, the freshness to it, the kind of depth it has. The quality of stickiness and weight to it. Pristine snow is heaven-sent. It’s magical to be the first on it. Being the very first person to walk on it. Or first one to ...

Disappointed by demolition

Letters to the Editor

Here are my thoughts on the building tear down at 1202 Memorial Road in Houghton: No part of the former Hardee’s building was saved to be recycled. It all went to the dump. I saw glass structural pieces and cooking appliances as well as heating and cooling equipment. Maybe it was ...