Personal Flotation Devices can save your life when paddling


This is one in a series of staff writer Graham Jaehnig’s personal experiences as a beginner kayaker. In the last installment of the kayaking series, the topic was types of kayaks and suggestions for selecting the right one for the individual paddler. Once you have selected the kayak, It ...

Column: The image of God differs among traditions


Someone the other day asked me if God was a he or a she. I tried to answer that God is not bound by gender. God, as we call him, is a convenient way to allow us to communicate who we are talking about. The early Jewish communities would not call God by the term “God.” They thought that ...

One blood/one race

Letters to the Editor

What in the world is happening at the Disney Studios? Have they gone completely insane? My understanding is that a remake of Snow White is in progress. It should be at theaters in 2024. The moral of the story will be changed from vanity to one of race. Such utter impudence. Hollywood needs to ...

Keeping up with the changes


I’ve missed you. In November of 2021, I turned in my Family Matters column, and in all honesty, I didn’t know that it would be my last one. My plan had always been to keep writing it with my final one being a tribute to my mother when she passed. The great news is she’s alive and well ...

Column: In the pressure cooker


I recently read a story about a mom trying to help her daughter through a stressful time. She filled three pots with water and put them on the stove. In one, she added carrots. In​ another​​, ​eggs. In the third, coffee beans. The mom sat down at the kitchen table and asked her daughter ...

Finland and the quest for happiness


I have the joy and honor of writing for a number of newspapers on topics ranging from historic features to current events. One of the publications I periodically write for is The Daily Mining Gazette, which serves readers in the Keweenaw region of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Recently, I ...