Between militia and terrorism

Two weeks ago, the story of an attempted abducting of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer by people who have both been called a “militia” of sorts, but also ...

Vote for the right to life

To the editor: There are many reasons I am voting 100 percent Republican in the upcoming election – legal immigration, low taxes, personal and religious freedom, ...

Candidate needs to grow up

Babies Lives Matter

It’s time to make your vote count

There’s nothing more frustrating than a last-minute rules change. But that’s exactly what voters face after a three-judge panel at the Michigan Court of ...

Enforcement effort is part of School Bus Safety Week

We need to be ready for recovery

Something for you to think about

A group of 12 politicians from both parties were asked to suggest how to make us better educated as voters. Here are the results: 1. Learn by carefully listening ...

Schools shut, but education continues

More connections to the Spanish Flu : The science, spread, and public perceptions

Do you believe shutting the schools down will help stop the spread of COVID?

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