112 and counting in Houghton County

On Jan. 31, Canal View-Houghton County resident Stella "Nanny" Lennox turned 112 years old. Above is a picture of her during her "Roaring ...

Coming late to the party

To the editor: Although coming late to the party, it appears that President Trump has finally heeded the call of a worried nation to combat this unprecedented ...

Soup Bowl Sale went very well

Sex is not a social construct

Congratulations Calumet Copper Kings hockey

Heikinpaiva worth braving the cold, snow

Federal leadership needed

In a few short weeks, COVID-19 has grown from a distant concern to a public health crisis. Although the U.S. had several months to prepare for the virus, when the ...

Importance of ethics for journalists

Schools are working hard to keep up

Jim M. Aittama

LAKE LINDEN — Jim M. Aittama, 79, of Lake Linden, passed away at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota on March 25, 2020, with family by his side. He ...

Edward C. ‘Velu’ Heikkila

Robert Paul Harrison

Are you concerned about the coronavirus outbreak?

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