CANCELED: U.P. Energy Task Force meeting

This week’s meeting of the U.P. Energy Task Force, which was scheduled for Wednesday, has been canceled. The Task Force next will meet March 3 as it works to ...

Give your heart some TLC this month

UPPER PENINSULA – Is your heart getting all the TLC it needs? If not, it’s never too late to commit to giving your heart more love and ...

A little boy’s prayer

May 9th, 1940 My older brother, sister, my three younger sisters and I lived with my parents in the parsonage of the Reformed Church in ...

Consider the other side

To the editor: I am compelled to write to you after having listened to last nights’ City Council meeting (Feb. 24), where I saw four people destroy the ...

Successful can drive

Is charter school necessary?

Political climate isn’t improving, even after election

A week to talk about family fire safety in the home

Fix the filibuster

When you hear the word “filibuster,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the image of a lone figure holding the Senate floor in a heroic effort to resist the whims ...

The people and their government cannot get complacent

What is love?

Are you excited for restaurants to reopen?

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