Praise for UPHS-Portage Hospital and its employees

After having spent three weeks in the UP Health System-Portage Hospital, Hancock, Michigan ….. I say a fond farewell to the doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, kitchen staff, and all the other fantastic employees of Portage Hospital.

I had fractured a bone in my hip necessitating surgery and seventeen days of rehabilitation. My assigned doctor, Dr. LaBonte, I recognized from when he was a young boy visiting the RV Park I owned in Ontonagon. He’s a little older now, and a very skilled MD.

The hospital made arrangements so both recovery and rehabilitation were accomplished in the same hospital room. I blame my fast recovery on the expertise of the physical and occupational therapists. The superb way they had me, with a smile, doing exercises I didn’t even know I could do.

The time spent in Portage Hospital flew by due to the exceptionally excellent care I received. The wonderful attitude and agreeable nature of “all” the hospital staff made my stay a true pleasure. My meals prepared by the kitchen staff were wonderful and served with a cheerful smile.

What more can I say -it was a wonderful stay!

Thank you, Portage Hospital employees -You are just great!

Dot Phillips



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