Letters to the Editor are valuable

Letters to the Editor are a well-read component of the Daily Mining Gazette, and in fact, of all newspapers. Writing a letter is an effective way to weigh in on local topics that are important to our community.

We encourage you to sound off. We want to hear your opinion on local issues. Topics, such as extensive road construction, questionable municipal spending or inconvenient trail closures, are worthy of your reaction. Letters that address this type of issue state the problem and ideally advocate for a solution. Often, spurring a debate about a local issue is key to keeping that issue alive. Well-written, factual letters have the ability to shape public opinion.

We also encourage your letters of praise and support. Good things are happening in our community. Write to us about the life-saving reaction of first responders, a well-planned city event or new social program. Giving credit where credit is due is an impactful way to promote local organizations and support local people. Your letters can highlight and nurture positivity in our community.

The point of a Letter to the Editor is to chime in on local topics, to continue conversation on local issues or to showcase local good deeds. Letters regarding national politics, international events or other widespread, general topics rarely have a place on the Gazette’s opinion page.

The power of the press is strong. Your letter-writing contributes to that strength locally. We value your local voice and look forward to hearing more of it.


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